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UWI Alumni Association (Florida) Chapter Scholarships

Scholarships provided by UWIAA Florida are intended for students currently attending the University of the West indies. We are grateful to our benefactors and donors for helping to support students currently attending the University of the West indies.

 List of Scholarships & Bursaries

  1. Ronald & Miriam White Scholarship ($1,000)

  2.  Dr. Carmen Nicholas Early Childhood Education Scholarship ($1,000)​​

  3.  Dr. Enid Beverley Jones Scholarship for Studies in Economics ($1,000)

  4. UWI Alumni Florida General Scholarship ($1,000)


Link to Scholarship/Bursary Application Form for 2024

​​ 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Eight (8) recipients attending the University of the West Indies 

US$7,250 in scholarships and grants.

​ Ronald & Miriam White Scholarship [$1000.00]

Alex Brown (Social Science: Social Work; Mona)


Dr. Beverly Fray Bursary [$500.00]

Laurie-Ann Benjamin (Health & Behavioral Sciences - Nursing; Antigua)


75th Anniversary Scholarship [$750.00]

Jamila Turner (Medical Sciences, MBBS; Mona)


Laurie Ann.jpg

UWIAA-FL General Scholarships [$1000.00 Per Award]


Rachelle Cross

Medical Science

Doctor of Pharmacy; Mona








Jevanni Gregory                       Dainalisa Saddler                    D'Jhonae Richards   Medical Sciences                       Medical Science                           Law - Mona             

     MBBS; Mona                               Nursing; Mona                                                            







Patra Tyrell

Science & Technology

Environmental Science; Cave Hill

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