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About the Chapter

The University of West Indies Alumni Association Florida Chapter (UWIAAFL Chapter), formerly the UWI Guild of Graduates, Florida Chapter, was formed in 1995 by a group of alumni brought together by their desire to stay connected to their alma mater, to contribute to the development of the University of the West Indies, and to help build communities through volunteer efforts and philanthropy.

Under the dynamic leadership of Ronald White, the chapter was founded with the idea of bringing together the graduates in Florida. Past presidents of the chapter include Ronald White, Anthony Williams, Dr. Rupert Rhodd, Margaret Barrett, Dr. Carmen Nicholas, Dr. Cheralee Morgan, and Diana Turnbull. The current president is Diana Turnbull.


The UWIAAFL maintains a relationship with other UWI alumni chapters and participates in the central executive committee of the university.​

The 2023 - 2024 Executive Board

Members of the Executive Board are the stewards of our organization and collectively represent the interests and views of all members. They are responsible for creating a shared vision, providing leadership and policy direction, ensuring the health of the organization and creating an overall sense of purpose.

The January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2024 Executive Board Members are listed below.

  • Ms. Diana Turnbull                 (President) 

  • Dr. Peter George Smith       (1st Vice-President)

  • Dr. Cheralee Morgan             (2nd Vice-President)

  • Ms. Phyllis Morris                    (Treasurer)

  • Dr. Kendra Merchant            (Secretary)                          


Ad hoc Committee Member  

  • Dr. Carmen Nicholas           

  • Ms. Miriam White                  

  • Mr. Greg Hazle                      

The Alumni Pledge

As a graduate of The University of the West Indies,

I commit myself to uphold the ideals and goals of my alma mater.

My conduct and voice shall reflect the commitment to excellence of the "Light Rising From the West",

As I fulfill my social and professional responsibilities and serve my community and region.

I will strive to ensure the UWI's place as a Caribbean icon: the catalyst for Caribbean development and leadership.

It is a legacy that I will proudly help build for future generations.

The UWI - First in our hearts and first in our region!​​​​​​​​​​​


Useful Links

  • ​Links to UWI Campuses ​

  1. Cave Hill

  2. Mona

  3. St. Augustine

  4. Open Campus

  5. Five Islands 

We Appreciate Our Corporate Supporters

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