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UWI’s Response to COVID-19


We still have containment across the whole of CARICOM with just 202 deaths since the start of the epidemic in March. Haiti and Suriname are battling to keep the epidemic under control because they share a land border with countries that have  a surging epidemic (Dominican Republic and Brazil respectively).




Dr. Clive Landis is the Pro Vice Chancellor (Board for Undergraduate Studies); and Chair of the UWI COVID-19 Task Force


Ethics Amidst COVID-19: A Brief Ethics Handbook for Caribbean Policymakers and Leaders



Anna Kasafi Perkins


R. Clive Landis


Ian R Hambleton

Selvi M Jeyaseelan

Madhuvanti M Murphy

The University of the West Indies Alumni Association (Florida)

Oriens Ex Occidente Lux - A Light Rising from the West

The Florida Chapter - About


Welcome to the Florida Chapter of the University of the West Indies Alumni Association (UWIAA Florida), an alumni association that is dedicated to:

  • The advancement of the University of the West Indies (UWI) as a center for excellence;

  • The building of communities in Florida and the Caribbean.


UWIAA Florida is seeking to achieve these goals through the following means:

  • Creating and maintaining a good relationship between UWIAA Florida and the University of the West Indies;

  • Supporting and contributing to the UWI Development Fund and other special projects of the UWI as shall be agreed on by the membership;

  • Promoting the professional development of members of UWIAA Florida;

  • Promoting and supporting networking opportunities of its members;

  • Actively participating in social and economic development initiatives in Florida and the Caribbean.


We encourage all graduates of the University of the West Indies in Florida to join a vibrant and community-oriented group of professionals that are helping to improve the lives of Caribbean people and Floridians. Remember that UWIAA Florida wants to:

  • Unite all South Florida alumni with their university friends, colleagues, and professors.

  • Work on promoting your career and business by allowing you to network with other alumni.

  • Involve yourself with your alma mater by staying up-to-date with news and event.

The Importance of Membership

We are proud graduates of the University of the West Indies (UWI) and we are certain that the University of the West Indies is also proud of us. Through our education at UWI, we have multiple options to be productive members of the society. One of the best ways to show school pride is to become members of the UWIAA Florida.


Here are some other reasons to join the UWI Alumni Association:

  • Develop connections and ‘rub shoulders” with other graduates. This is a great way to mingle, expand professional connections, and meet new people;

  • Give back to UWI – There are many ways to give back to UWI and through the association, there are mechanism to simplify the process;

  • Help other students - through scholarships, annual giving or various other ways.

You can also help your alma mater by paying the membership fee/donation of $30 on our website. You can do so by using the "DONATE" button below. Please send a picture like the one shown below as well as your name and the faculty from which you graduated to the president of UWIAA Florida, Dr. Carmen Nicholas at

Paying this membership fee makes you a "Lifetime" member of UWI Alumni Association. and as a "Lifetime Member", you qualify for discounts under the "Pelican Perks Program"


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The University of the West Indies Alumni Association (Florida)

P.O. Box 970313

Coconut Creek, Florida 33097